Gypsy Willis Designs

"She might be down to earth and rooted to reality by her responsibilities, but her soul is a wild one; always set on finding magic in sunsets and sunrises that others take for granted."

I've always loved the world of art. Whether it be paint, paper, pen, words, music, or an instrument, the medium never seemed to matter to me, because that world has always made sense to me. The last few years I've lost sight of myself, and forgot that in order to take care of others, I have to take care of myself too. Which means taking care of my mental health, and reminding myself of my roots; what truly makes me happy.

This shop has been a long time coming in a series of small starts, but never serious ones. I was too afraid to take the leap, and I'm still afraid, but not enough to stop me from trying.

Join me on this journey.

Thank you,